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L Prang & Co

Prang & Co's Art Publishing House

Prang & Co's Art Publishing House in Roxbury, Mass in 1873
This establishment is now the largest devoted to chromo work only, in the country, and its productions are recognized everywhere, even in Europe as taking the lead in the especial branch, (the reproductions of oil paintings), to which its efforts have been principally devoted.

Vaults for storing the Stones

Vaults for storing the Stones
The foundation for chromolithographic printing is the lithographic stone. All the stones used by L. Prang & Co. come from one place, Solnhofen, Bavaria.


Large quantities of L. Prang & Co’s chromos are continually exported to Europe and the Medal of Progress was awarded to them at the Vienna World’s Fair, this being the highest premium awarded in the department of chromo-lithography.

  • Images and text from The Christian Weekly
  • New York, Saturday, January 3, 1874

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