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  • Ephemera Society Fairs 2017

  • Sunday · 4 June · 3 December
  • Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury
  • Coram Street
  • London WC1N 1HT
  • United Kingdom
  • All are welcome · Entry £3 · 11am - 4pm
  • Members from 10am with membership cards




'Be My…'

4 February - 28 February 2017 Image Victorian valentine

This exhibition explores Valentine Day's history and how love messages have taken a variety of forms - from the sweet and romantic to the satirical and outrageous. Called 'Be My…', a twist on the traditional 'be my valentine'.

It is an interactive title, inviting people to fill in the '…' of the 'Be My'. The display will consider Valentine Day's history and the different contexts and customs and social and cultural attitudes regarding proclamations of love.

Importantly the exhibition will focus upon key examples of Valentine's cards from the Priest House Museum's unique collection of Victorian Valentine cards - a collection of cards that 'has been identified to be of national importance'.

This fun, informative and intriguing exhibition will showcase an array of wonderful historical Valentine designs and it will explore wider associative items and experiences that evidence how love messages have taken a variety of forms.

Image Victorian comic valentine

The exhibition is a creative collaborative project involving students and staff from the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) working with the Priest's House Museum and has been designed and co-curated by students and staff from AUB BA(Hons) degree courses in Interior Architectural Design, Graphic Design and Costume and Performance Design.

  • Priest's House Museum
  • 23-27 High Street
  • Wimborne Minster
  • Dorset BH21 1HR
  • UK
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Victorian Entertainments: There Will Be Fun

Until 12 February 2017

Performing pigs, magic tricks and pantomime! Roll up to celebrate some of the most popular entertainments of Victorian times performed in a variety of venues from fairground tents to musical stages.

Image of magic performance

Focusing on five colourful characters, follow their stories as this free exhibition bring the worlds they inhabited to life. These Victorian A-listers include Dan Leno, the original pantomime dame and ‘funniest man on earth’, John Nevil Maskelyne, magician and manager of ‘England’s Home of Mystery’, and the great circus showman ‘Lord’ George Sanger. Also hear of those whose fame has now faded such as Annie De Montford, a mill worker turned mesmerist, and Evanion the Royal conjuror.

Step back in time with wonderfully decorative original posters, handbills, advertisements and tickets – all glorious examples of rare ephemera – alongside contemporary film and sound recordings. Explore the Victorians’ influence on the world of entertainment today.

  • Entrance Hall
  • The British Library
  • 96 Euston Road
  • London NW1 2DB
  • United Kingdom
  • More details



Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style

Until 1 May 2017 Image of birthday card featuring ration books

IWM North, part of Imperial War Museums in Manchester, presents this major exhibition marking the 75th anniversary of clothes rationing in Britain.

During the Second World War British men and women had to find new ways to dress as austerity measures and the rationing of clothes took hold.

They demonstrated amazing adaptability and ingenuity by adopting more casual styles and by renovating, recycling and creating their own clothes.

Bringing together 300 exhibits including clothing, accessories, photographs and film, official documents and publications, artworks, wartime letters, interviews and ephemera, some of which have never been on display before, Fashion on the Ration presents a sense of what life was like on the home front for men and women during wartime Britain.

  • IWM North
  • The Quays
  • Trafford Wharf Road
  • Manchester M17 1TZ
  • UK
  • More details



Victoria Revealed

Until 17 February 2018

Image of Queen Victoria

This exhibition explores the many, often surprising, aspects of Queen Victoria’s character: devoted wife, dedicated mother, devastated widow and powerful stateswoman.

Follow Victoria’s story from the room in which she spent her first moments as queen. Trace her journey from young girl to queen enthralled with a new husband, to grieving matriarch and ruler of a vast empire.

Included in the exhibition are iconic, impressive, beautiful and often deeply personal objects, from Victoria’s simple white silk wedding gown, to the dolls she made, dressed and named as a little girl.

Victoria and the people who surrounded her tell this story: excerpts from her journals, letters and reports from contemporary commentators give insight into the extraordinary life of the woman whose name defined an age.


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