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Christmas Morning

Hymns and carols on Christmas Day

Now had dawned another Christmas Day, and all had been arranged to welcome it. For most middle-class Victorians, the Christmas morning service in the old church was one of the focal points of the day and it was only after duty done that the presents and the midday meal could be enjoyed.

The Christmas of the present

“The Christmases of the past bring lessons beautiful and true and now over the whole of Christendom in stately temples raised to the worship of that lowly Child, around cheerful hearts, where families met after the year’s toil and sorrow, the anthem of joy and praise rises to celebrate the Christmas of the present.”

The postman delivers on Christmas Day

Among the working classes religious observation was not so widespread. Even the postmen delivered on Christmas Day !

Tradesmen still carried on business - bakers kept their ovens burning in readiness to cook the local families’ Christmas goose or turkey.

Fetching home the Christmas dinner

It is not every day in the week or year that the poor can dine but on such a great occasion as Christmas Day the dinner is brought from the baker's shop steaming hot.

Doubtless, in her humble household, others await her coming with whom her feast is to be shared. Upon them may Christmas look genially and may they never lack their Christmas dinner or the appetites to enjoy it.

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  • De La Rue & Co Series No 127
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