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Christmas Presents

Graceful presents and friendly tokens

There was a hub-bub through the big house as the time finally arrives to open the presents !

How eagerly the young ones await the glittering treasures - expectation fairly stands on tiptoe, each bosom throbs with tumultuous joy and what excitement and pleasure they will encounter while unwrapping them.

’Tis Christmas morning glad and fair

  • What a blessing that Santa Claus has wings,
  • For he comes from the clouds you know !
  • May all little children who look today
  • Into their stockings, see
  • Plenty of toys for a happy play,
  • And a time of mirth and glee !
    From Top
  • S Hildesheimer & Co No 236
  • 70 x 102mm (3¼ x 4¾in)
  • 1884
  • Goodall
  • 70 x 102mm (3 x 4¼in)

Up in the morning early

They are quiet at first - both the girls and the boys, too happy to make any riot or noise and they mutually show to each other their toys.

But later, in the nursery there’s a terrible racket.

    From Top
  • Marcus Ward & Co
  • 102 x 70mm (5¼ x 4in)
  • No publisher
  • 140 x 70mm (5½ x 2¾in)
  • No publisher
  • 62 x 102mm (2½ x 4in)
  • No publisher
  • 62 x 102mm (2½ x 4in)
Christmas Fare

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