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Christmas Eve

Welcome old Father Christmas with all
his fun and festive cheer !

  • Santa Claus, will you kindly go,
  • And visit a friend whose name you know:
  • Leave there your prettiest gifts and say,
  • All happiness come on this Christmas Day.

Little dreamer sleep sound

Father Christmas or Santa Claus was the last and most welcome seasonal visitor to the Victorian household on Christmas Eve.

In the deep hours of the night, laden with gifts and presents, he visits every deserving child and silently fills their stockings, returning up the chimney to disappear into the night sky.

With his departure the whole family slept, no doubt with visions of the day to come.

Little dreamer sleep sound for Santa Claus will stop here on his journey tonight.

  • Top
  • No publisher
  • Dated by sender 1883
  • 121 x 83mm (4¾ x 3¼in)
  • Opposite
  • Scrap/die-cut by
  • Birn Brothers, London No 734
  • 165 x 270mm (6½ x 10½in)

The Day Arrives

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