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The Influence of Drink

The Victorian temperance movement was strong throughout most of the century in towns and cities across England. Distorted caricatures of the besotted, benighted beings who were so benumbed by the habitual over-indulgence in the use of intoxicating drinks were frequent subjects of the comic-valentine maker.

Inevitably the friendly barmaid proved to be a greater attraction, for the delight and amusement of these abominable caricaturists.

  • Mary Ann, my pretty dear,
  • When you go forth to fetch the beer,
  • You really should not wink and leer,
  • At all the men, it does look queer

  • What a silly block-head of a Clerk you are,
  • Unfit to be noticed by a Damsel fair;
  • With a foul nose on your head big as a mount
  • You seem stupefied over that small account,
  • Because last night’s debauch has muddled your brains
  • You sit like a numbskull, with headaches and pains;
  • When let out your foppery is so much disgusting,
  • Myself in your company I could not be trusting.
  • Above
  • Comic valentine
  • No publisher
  • 177 x 241mm (7 x 9½in)
  • Mid 19th century
  • Opposite
  • Comic valentine
  • No publisher
  • 114 x 165mm (4½ x 6½in)
  • Mid 19th century


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