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A collection of curious valentines

The Bonnet !

Here we see the cartoonist taking liberties with an item of the prevailing fashion.

He aims his attack at a woman he considers would deliberately flout her neighbours by wearing such preposterous millinery !

  • A face far from ugly I’ll own
  • You possess; may no blight come over it.
  • But if you would study the brain
  • Don’t wear a coal-scuttle to cover it.
  • Above
  • Comic valentine
  • No publisher
  • 114 x 171mm (4½ x 6¾in)
  • Mid 19th century


A Delightful Personality?

Below, the spirit and intention of the artist’s satire is to expose to general derision a classic lower class character with upper class aspirations. The verse-writer also weighs in with their wicked cheap satire on what they regard as the vainness and absurdities of those with delusions of grandeur.

  • Your figure brings laughter from men,
  • And what a mouth you’ve got for an oyster,
  • So do hide yourself in a cloister,
  • For I don’t want to see you again.


  • Above
  • Comic valentine
  • No publisher
  • 120 x 177mm (4¾ x 7in)
  • Mid 19th century

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