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After Dinner

Snip Snap Dragon

How would you like to receive this greeting card for Christmas ? What does it mean ?

It is referring to a popular Victorian parlour game called “Snap Dragon.”

A shallow bowl filled with spirit and currants was put on a table and the spirit set alight. The players had to try and snatch the currants out of the flames and put them into their mouths.

  • Cluster round the burning dish !
  • See how brave you be !
  • Dodge the dragon’s tongue of fire
  • Roaring lustily ! They who are afraid to dip
  • Or over timid, linger -
  • Sore punishment will surely sip
  • And burn their little finger !
  • But think how sweet the fruit will be
  • When rescued from a fiery Sea !

The last thing in crackers

With Christmas dinner over the Victorian father would bring out the crackers, this was a signal for the fun and games to begin.

Sweet music hath charms

The Victorian family was never at a loss for things to do after dinner. There were songs to sing, recitations to endure and games to play. After the games it was time for the individual members of the family to entertain the company.

Christmas Day would draw all too soon to a close. The visitors made their way home and the family to bed - midnight has passed and Boxing Day has dawned.

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Boxing Day

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