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The Christmas Party

Give a children’s party, and make sure of passing one happy night this merry
Christmas time.

Can you come to our Little Party?

  • To go to parties I think is fine,
  • But giving one’s the greatest treat !
  • You must be sure to come to mine,
  • I’ve lots to tell you when we meet.
  • I do look forward to the day
  • And hope you’re coming.
  • Write and say.

We have much pleasure in accepting
your kind invitation

  • From top
  • No publisher
  • 127 x 70mm (5 x 2¾in)
  • Bottom
  • No publisher
  • 6 x 114mm (3 x 4½in)
  • Opposite from top
  • Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd
  • 83 x 121mm (3¼ x 4¾in)
  • Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd
  • 76 x 108mm (3 x 4¼in)
  • No publisher
  • 102 x 62mm (4 x 2½in)

A day of perfect bliss

Victorian children looked forward to the Christmas party season with great delight.

A thrilling ride in horse and trap took them through the sparkling white snow to a friend’s house for games, dancing or for something very special - a Fancy Dress Ball.

And what to wear at a Fancy Ball was often a question of momentous interest.

Grandpa joins in the frolicsome dances

With the last dance of the last ball of the season, the Victorian Christmas has come and gone - and a most marvellous Christmas it has been !

The New Year

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