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A collection of curious valentines
  One from a series of comic valentines by Luke Limner

Sentimental single one

This unsympathetic valentine is number four from a series by Luke Limner, the pseudonym of John Leighton, a prominent comic artist.

Others that are known from this series:

  • No.7   The Fungi
  • No.9   A Miserable Man
  • No.10  The Shrew


  • Sentimental single one, what causes thee to weep?
  • Crying, like a crocodile, and sighing very deep;
  • O! Say, is it Cupidity, that puts you in a flutter?
  • “O! No I’m in a dungeon cold, and scarce a word may utter:”
  • You're in a castle, in the air, and dreaming in broad day;
  • So, Sentimental Slut, awake, and drive those thoughts away;
  • “Imprisoned, by an uncle bold, who urges me to marry;”
  • Imprisoned, for your uncle holds the shawl for which you tarry.
  • “Red bloody deeds, indeed, he’s done; my loves he loves to stab,”
  • Read bloody books, indeed, you have; till read has made a drab.
  • “Sadly the wind it blew and howled, when spectre-warn’d - O! - shocking:”
  • Sadly you mind to sew the holes you have in either stocking.
  • “It warn’d, and said; what did it say? it warn’d as it was going”
  • The fire's out, your love-bird’s dead; and how the water’s flowing.
  • So, Sentimental Slut, adieu! - no more romantic pine -
  • For I do seek a lover true, - no dreary Valentine.
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  • Luke Limner’s Valentines No 4
  • Published by Ackermann & Company, London
  • 209 x 267mm (8¼ x 10½in)
  • c1850s

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