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The fox knows many things...

The tales of Reynard the Fox have delighted audiences for centuries.

Minstrels and poets found the verses to be a good source of entertainment and made them popular with the upper and middle classes.

Handed down verbally from medieval times the comic and bawdy adventures are amusing on the surface, but also as satirical commentaries on society of the time. The animals play out a thinly disguised social comedy, in which all the orders from the nobility to the peasantry are lampooned.

Foxes dressed in uniform, brandishing blunderbuss and musket, mount a raid on the farmers fowl house with the intention of furnishing their festive table with the two most popular fowls of the Victorian Christmas dinner - turkey and goose.



Prowling Reynard treads his nightly round, his cunning a necessity for survival.


The rat race

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